Folks I'm still in here monitoring.


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  • Jaaj
    wass up?
    January 23 Comment
  • Oscarvalencia
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  • Kimel1233
    people, help me out. m new in this forum. Help me understand what project you people are talking about.
    January 2017 Comment
  • Gator
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    September 2016 Comment
  • Duweidi
    meing doh mahs. lol
    August 2016 Comment
  • swanawan
    Trying to find out how close is mortlockese to Carolingians?
    July 2016 Comment
  • shawnhamilton
    Hello pekalong,

    I'm hoping you can explain something to me. I'm a foreigner who has tried to post to this site at various times. Every time I do there is an ambuscade of hostile remarks. I'm planning on teaching writing in Micronesia but am concerned about the apparent high level of hostility towards whites. I understand it, but I'm not sure I want to deal with the kind of unvarnished hostility I've seen on this site. Can you perhaps explain it briefly?
    February 2016 Comment
  • kasskaran
    What are you monitoring for brother?
    February 2016 Comment
  • Folks I'm still in here monitoring.

    November 2015 Comment
  • Makatutu
    Dude youre the oldest guy in here.
    November 2015 Comment
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    November 2015 Comment
  • Oalong
    Hey pekalong have you already passed from this earth? What happened?
    September 2015 Comment
  • ssearcher1
    hi pekalong! kinda awhile you shut yourself out of the forum. You okay my friend? Oh well if you are okeid, then no worries take your time in whatever keeping you away from the forum and I will be here watching when you come onboard again. kelahngan en kewe riei de semeil samwohlwa.
    July 2015 Comment
  • quinndaisy5421
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    June 2015 Comment
  • chemore
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    May 2015 Comment
  • ssearcher1
    You only need few more points to reach 10000.
    April 2015 Comment
  • StewartDeats
    Hi Ragini. My name is Stewart. Coming to Koror in March. I will want a meeting!
    January 2015 Comment
  • ragini
    hi i ma new in this forum
    January 2015 Comment
  • tamatamt7
    hi man how are you happy new year,,,2015
    December 2014 Comment
  • Jibang
    May 2014 Comment
  • yvette
    hi guys i need a help pls
    April 2014 Comment
  • jasongrace
    hey..what is mostly talked about on here?
    April 2014 Comment
  • gingerportermida
    Post Office FSM
    April 2014 Comment
  • doreensaimon
    Can you please translate to English? Bobby I atin ikei. Pwata kese meetini om we nom ikei e? Ina Sharon mi chemeni ei naka Bobby. Bobby I atin ikei. Pwata kese meetini om we nom ikei e? Ina masae mi chemeni ei naka jason Heheheh!! Enet I use ochun na fetan Ren mongeom om Ekan kechiw ika mercy ekan areni pwe a wor ai boyfriend
    February 2014 Comment
  • ssearcher1
    Hi Pek, do you work like have a job in the private sectors or government? It seems like you're the only one who has more time to view and comment on any issue raised in this forum. Just wondering my friend. Cheers!
    October 2013 Comment
  • CHNW
    Iwe,...etay,my name is Chuthans Nimwes Williander,kinisou Tirou,Pekalong kose mojen kopwe help ren aj ekiek,ideas ren tourism ika tourist Chuuk state?angangan ika attractions,?Meh nukun advertize,ika Advertisments?Kinisou ren omw aninis ika mefiom men need.non raninin
    June 2013 Comment
  • TruthIsThat
    pekalong. Please show Jesus' way of telling the truth. This will help those who are not Christians to be attracted to the gospel. Thank you.
    March 2013 Comment
  • rekenleng
    hello there Poeple..
    March 2013 Comment
  • gossip
    let Mwane to search for baptis for the death . Mwane u know what every body will resterected no matter what good or bad. Thats the gift from lord to every one
    February 2013 Comment