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  • jUnAiR
    I'm guessing you're either chuukese or pohnpeian because every single one of your post consists mostly of marshallese this and marshallese that. Why you hating on us NIGGAH?
    April 2018 Comment
  • kisinSiejj
    Mie me kahk sawaski kaweihd ehn Lihdorkini sang pali en Pohnpei? De pwil kaweihd ehn ataihl godess kahn meh kumwail wehweki?
    April 2018 Comment
  • daisykalio9
    September 2017 Comment
  • PawNStaR
    Just a reminder my friend that trump has been vindicated by Comey during the hearings and the Russian collusion conspiracy theory is dead. Winning not whinning.
    June 2017 Comment
  • martymaruame
    Hellow,Micronesian.God is our commander.what God command us to do,that is what,we should do.Nothing else,beside that.If we do things,that not according to his command,guess what.We,re moving in one circle.over and over and over.can't go nowhere.If we come together,and worship together.We can see,things start moving.You know,who you are.
    October 2016 Comment
  • november
    You said "1) Stop polluting our rivers and streams so that we can use the fresh water again." Could you show me where and who did that? In FSM?
    April 2016 Comment
  • Makatutu
    en Pandinus ei? Mwa enan naka, use esinok. ai tong ngonuk!
    February 2016 Comment
  • ifana
    Whoami you the first one in here that i see that got blown up like facebook or mayspace..errbody in here seems so professional even tho they fighting . just saying
    January 2015 Comment
  • Andon03Santus
    Hey, whoever talking never talk like that 'cause it is weird. What you are saying is not good. Always remember that there are a lot of people on this site; they might see your message and it is not really good to let people see or read that or even hear it. Thank you and may the LORD bless you in your every situations.
    December 2014 Comment
    • Makatutu
      Andon03Santus, and who are those that will see our messages? Fuck them! We should all speak up against the status quo and say fuck you to all these hypocrites running the show.
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  • WhoamI
    Your lucky your just a name here, and that i don't know your face, because if i see you in the Marshalls ill kill you. Learn about Mashallese history you fuck. We are the only people in micronesia that made war on the westerners when they came to our part of Micronesia. We are also the only micros to ever signed a treaty with a western empire. Fuck you and giff johnson and franz hazel. You lucky were christianized.
    December 2014 Comment
    • Makatutu
      Whoaml, fuck these white guys. One day, the whole world will come together and exterminate them like Hitler tried with the Jews. Trust me FM, it will come. I will be happily waiting for the purge. I will purge the fuck out of white people.
    • MrNobody905
      Let the fools hate us lol.

      Elap aer ebanban arimij in majol.
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  • FactsMatter joined.
    Welcome Aboard!
    April 2013 Comment