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  • jUnAiR
    Go on with your Catholic life, don't bother. This is only out of curiosity
    March 2018 Comment
  • arianatiki
    Hello, I was wondering if you could give translate some chuukese words to english for me? Or if you know someone who could. If you can or do that would be great :)
    November 2017 Comment
  • pekalong
    i said, he is the one Satan send to destroy this world with lying lips and prints.
    August 2016 Comment
  • SeaUSea
    “I do not hate the Chinese. There are millions of good Chinese people.” Hope these words are your true mind! Don't let the prejudice control your mind, that will really drive you to mad! If you deliberately plan to seek more examples of the crimes which some Chinese had done, why don't you try to find the bright side of them! The crimes were neither created by Chinese, nor the "monopolization" of Chinese. If your eyes blind by the only wrong things, then what you saw are totally wrong! If you proud to be a american (I know you are), you should show the amicable attitude to all world, no matter you are real world police or act as.
    April 2016 Comment
  • november
    You are really expert on Chinese issue!
    April 2016 Comment
  • carlosdocs
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    November 2015 Comment
  • 2Timfourthree
    TruthIsThat, just to let you that I have faithful brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus Christ who are members of the SDA church. From reading your postings, I concluded you are a born again Christian saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. As a caring brother in the Lord, I would like to suggest that you refrain from arguing doctrine with Pekalong. It's not helping our readers that we are reaching out to. God bless you sis!
    March 2015 Comment
  • tamatamt7
    ssearcher1 are you from chuuk or were?
    January 2015 Comment
  • tamatamt7
    whoa re you? are you from saramen chuuk academy?
    January 2015 Comment
  • ssearcher1
    I am a SDA church member.
    September 2014 Comment
  • TruthIsThat joined.
    Welcome Aboard!
    November 2012 Comment