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  • PawNStaR
    Just dropping by to let you know if you didn't get the memo that the entire Russian collusion conspiracy theory has been put to rest by James Comey during the hearings. Comey said trump was never under investigations and trump never tried to stop the investigations and that no one in trumps team made contacts with the Russians. Winning not whinning.
    June 2017 Comment
    • nesian691
      Lol thanks for dropping by bro. Goes to show how much you love Trump even after the recent meeting with his daddy Vlad LMFAO Tbh i'm not really following any US politics anymore cuz most of the politicians on the left and right are straight up bought so yeah it's all pretty much irrelevant to me rite now. Anyways, hope you find peace in your journey for the truth and take it easy.
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  • lihndanpei
    I suggest you leave PS threads and stop pulling it above the important Micronesians threads. This country is going down the drain and need your input on more important threads.

    I'm kindly asking. I see many people telling that POS to quit but he's a kid with no life. Join us on the important threads or create a less American hate thread. Trump is an idiot so let's all move on.
    February 2017 Comment
    • nesian691
      Aha ok then yah i have no problem with that. However the others will still keep commenting on his posts.
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