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  • PawNStaR
    Just a reminder my friend that trump has been vindicated by Comey during the hearings and the Russian collusion conspiracy theory is dead. Winning not whinning.
    June 2017 Comment
  • temp

    share election forecast for chuuk
    September 2016 Comment
  • pirate95
    In this 17 tol election, where in tol u from? We might be meeting soon
    May 2016 Comment
    • sinbad
      I am from all over. I have roots that grow out of Fason branching out to Wonip. I have very close tie with the rest of the villages in Tol.
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  • MrThirsty
    I get sick of you whingers complaining about the continual raping of your island. If you DON'T like it, use the names of the guilty and not just stupid references like 'the Government' when you complain.
    Only by removing the short-sighted idiots who approves these laws can you save our resources for our children and their children.
    March 2016 Comment
  • carlosdocs
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    November 2015 Comment
  • babetteo
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    October 2015 Comment
  • Hakil
    Kinisou chapur sinbad ren omw we statues ren ekkewe at re shots. Ia we comment use sinei ir io nge iei ren nesosor ukeran jok find out another news nge use sinei ika epwe related ngeni eii ke sinei. Mi or ruemon aramasei atin Sapuk emon e pekir nge use sineii ika epwe ikei ekei aramas ke fossun. Amwusano tipis nge kose kan mojen pwan afataeii won omw eii news ika ikei ekei at ke fossun ika pwan another news that you heard? Kinisou.
    February 2015 Comment
    • mesepat
      same here they're related to me... and i really wanna know who's Colin Brown is... please inform me of this person...
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  • doreensaimon
    Can you please translate to English? Bobby I atin ikei. Pwata kese meetini om we nom ikei e? Ina Sharon mi chemeni ei naka Bobby. Bobby I atin ikei. Pwata kese meetini om we nom ikei e? Ina masae mi chemeni ei naka jason Heheheh!! Enet I use ochun na fetan Ren mongeom om Ekan kechiw ika mercy ekan areni pwe a wor ai boyfriend
    February 2014 Comment
  • PoniranSt.Therese towaw seni chuuk? Are u one of fr.fran's personal assistant taking on a mini survey project? :-)
    August 2013 Comment
  • Edtudor
    Hey Sinbad, I'm having a devil of a time negotiating this forum so forgive me if you've gotten this earlier. How do you know Virgil is Palauan and how can I get in touch with him?
    August 2012 Comment