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    They were not terrorist as much as you and Bush wants them to be. Fuckin brainwashed naturalized by birth citizen of the States who has never been to her island to actually engage in nation building except running your foul mouth in Micsem. Your Guantanamo Prison is violating human rights you Fuck as it housed individuals who have not even been proven guilty of crimes they are accused of. You stay in school and learn your facts girl.

    Palau is doing just fine as is so you monitor our triumphs in Guam as we are so close to you that the effects is showing on your part. You cannot stand how Palau is so successful, and people like me who share the success in here to try to inspire the real Nation Builders to take heed and use our success story for their advantage.

    I take back all that I said just for your sake. All my friends from the islands are good. You are a treacherous, envious islander, borne in western society and does not know what nation building is.
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    Belau's advantage over the FSM is its location and close proximity to the largest growing tourist market in the world - Asia. RMI's advantage is its Kwajelein missile range lease and its fish loining production exports to nearby US market. Also, both governments enjoy a slight advantage over the FSM in terms of Good Governance. And by "Slight" I mean just a tiny bit of advantage over the FSM not because they are corruption free or not because they are not practicing Croynism or Nepotism but because they are small Republics with more efficient and compact frameworks of governments. All of the above are symptoms of any type or form of government worldwide. It is the general practice everywhere and is only limited by laws and regulations when applied correctly.

    The FSM should now learn from its neighbors that smaller and more efficient frameworks of government are more advantageous than large and old in-efficient systems that were largely based on TTPI styled Democracy for TTPI era Micronesia.

    Nowadays, Micronesia has evolved past and beyond TTPI era style of Micronesia customs and traditions, therefore in order to adapt to these many changing dynamics of the socio-economic landscape of the region, governments also need to evolve and adapt. And the best way to do this is to sacrifice the expendable National Government and divide up the 4 states into small island republics that are united as a region like the Belau, FSM, and RMI today.
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    Palau and Marshalls doing better then FSM?

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    The two Micronesian Republics,Palau and Marshall islands are doing better then their sister the Federated states of Micronesia(FSM). Father francis Hazel said that the govs of ROP and RMI are both ahead of FSM in many ways. Palau with its tourism industry while Marshalls with its flag of convientient and fishing industry. Hazel says that's why FSM is losing over 2000 people a year to emigration because the economy in FSM is going nowhere. Palau gov and economy is doing better then Marshalls while Marshalls is doing better then FSM. Of these 3 FSM rely heavily on the US Compact funds that's why FSM get bigger share in cofa funding then both RMI and ROP.

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    It really depends on what you mean by "doing better" and what the comparison indicators are.
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    Pacific Daily News: FSM citizens to lose immigration status if Compact ends
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